Thursday 17 May 2018

New bedroom additions

Recently I've been trying to add some new grown-up bits to my room - I've still got my Disney teddies and my bedding with the llamas on but now I have some classier bits and pieces to go alongside them, thanks to Old English Company and Find Me a Gift, who both reached out recently to see if I wanted to work together. Of course I did, and here's what I picked...

I love prints, and having white walls means most prints look boss in my room because nothing clashes; when I saw this Picasso quote typography print on the Old English Co website I knew I needed it. We all love a good quote, and this one is particularly lovely. Never stop chasing your dreams, kids.

Also from the Old English Co, I got an adorable pillow case. I mean LOOK at it! It now has pride of place in the middle section of my bed, and it's genuinely been encouraging me to bother making my bed because it's so cute. It's really good quality, too - and even though £14 for a pillowcase might seem a bit pricey, I think it would make a lovely gift or a boss finishing touch to a newly decorated bedroom.

Find Me a Gift sent me some really cool bits, too - the first being this speaker that looks like a tiny amp. It's not the best quality sound but it's much louder than my phone meaning my solo dance parties are 10x better than before, and it's only twenty quid full price but it's currently on sale! The exterior is cardboard which I found a bit weird at first, but it still looks funky. They also sent me a retro peg board, which I've wanted for ages and which will probably feature as a photo prop in many upcoming blog posts. It's currently on my desk and I think it looks so cool; for £7, which it is at the minute, can you really go wrong? Sure it's a bit of a faff to get the pegs into the holes and I couldn't be bothered changing it daily, but I think it's a really fun addition to a house.

I also have this really cool Bowie print which I got for Christmas, and I *think* it's from Utility who are a fab Liverpool-based company (you can shop online, though!) who I love. I also have a picture of my Grandad and I up with these two prints; it's a polaroid style print from LALALab, who do really good quality prints of all your favourite snaps, and they do a  range of different styles too. They're really affordable and I also have a money-off code which is PGW6BQ4F - you get a fiver off your first order, which is amazing considering how cheap the prints are in the first place. I got some normal sized polaroids and some mini ones, too, and I plan on sticking a load of them in my scrapbook when I get round to it...

I also have some random bits like a coaster from Anthropologie, and a tiny succulent candle that I think is from Lisa Angel Homeware; and my dinosaur lamp from Red Candy is still going strong. There's books and perfume and pens on my desk, too, and a whole load of change that I'm saving to convert into euros when I go to Belgium in the summer.

So there's the new bits in my room; thank you to the brands that sent me some cool pieces recently, I really appreciate it!

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