Monday 30 April 2018

Music Monday - E

I'm really running out of things to write in the intro of these posts, but I hope you're enjoying them and have found some new music to listen to; we're carrying on our journey through the alphabet today with the letter E, and some lesser-known bands/artists who begin with that letter. Obviously. Because that's entirely what this series is about.

Esme Bridie // you might recognise this name if you read my blog regularly; I recently reviewed Esme's album to coincide with its launch, and you can read that here if you haven't already. Her voice is beautiful, her lyrics are mature, her sound is just stunning. I can't express how proud I am of everything she's achieved and I know there's big things ahead.
Favourite song: The Queen Bee
Where to listen: HERE

Esme Bridie photographed 
by John Johnson

Eternal Boy // pop punk makes me happy and these guys do it well - proper pop punk drums from the get go, and if you're into pop punk I think you'll know what I mean. There's three of them and they're from Pittsburgh, and they're really fun to listen to; I can imagine they'd have loads of energy on stage and I like that a lot.
Favourite song: Eighteen
Where to listen: HERE

EZA // Ellery Bonham, aka EZA, experiences this thing called Synesthesia which means she can see music in colour (I wrote a poem by this name when I was in uni and I think it's a really interesting thing to learn about) and so, her tunes are pretty funky. It's beautiful but also electric and cool and fun, and her voice is just lovely.
Favourite song: We Keep The Lights Out
Where to listen: HERE

Tune in (get it?) next week for the letter F - recommendations below for the rest of the series if ya have any for me! Thanks for reading, gang.

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