Monday 16 April 2018

Music Monday - C

Sorry about the short hiatus in terms of this series, but I'm back with letter C - if you didn't catch the first two weeks, check out A here and B here. As always if you have any recommendations for bands/artists I can feature later on in this series, either leave me a comment below or message me on social media. Without any more rambling, here we go...

COLOUR // another local-ish band, these guys are a four-piece from Liverpool who all sing and then each play instruments too, which pretty much makes them magicians in my eyes. They've been featured on BBC Introducing, which is exciting; they released a track called 'Minus' in November last year which was recorded at their own studio, then mastered at Abbey Road by Christian Wright which is a pretty Big Deal (he's mastered stuff for Bjork, Radiohead and more). 2018 has already seen them release new stuff and play some gigs, and I'm excited to see what they get up to for the rest of the year.
Favourite song: Black
Where to listen: HERE or HERE

Corey Kilgannon // this guy is from NYC, and like most people from the big apple he is painfully cool; his songs are absolutely dreamy, so peaceful and melodic and full of what you might call layers, or texture, or something - loads of things going on at once that complement each other perfectly even though you might not think they would. But that's why other people write the songs, and not us mere mortals. Definitely one to listen to when you just need to chill out.
Favourite song: Berlin
Where to listen: HERE or HERE

Cadillac Assembly Line // obv I might be slightly biased because this is my big brother's band and he's my all round hero (nobody tell him) but really, I think they're pretty good. They have a few cool songs out and if all the excitement and guitars in our dining room are anything to go by, new stuff is coming preeeeetty soon.
Favourite song: Caffeine & Codeine
Where to listen: HERE

Sorry it took me so long to get this post up - promise I'll try and have week 4 up when it's supposed to be!

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