Sunday 4 February 2018

January Favourites

Maybe this will be the year that I actually stick to doing regular monthly favourites posts - maybe not, but we'll see. Here's what I loved during January 2018, aka the longest month anyone has ever lived through.

Beauty wise, I've finally reconnected with an old love of mine - the Hylamide HA Blur primer - which I still absolutely adore and would highly recommend. I've also been making my way through the excessive amount of snow fairy we bought in the Lush sale; I've been loving it as a shampoo, and of course the smell is amazing. It leaves my hair SO soft and lovely, and luckily I have about 6 months worth of it in the bathroom.

In terms of music I've been listening to a whole range of things; I've listed to Yu-Ma / Go Away Little Boy by Marlena Shaw sooooo many times, and Hudson Taylor have been on repeat too because I just adore them. My current Spotify playlist is here if you want to see what else I've been listening to!

Clothes/fashion wise, I've been wearing my soft yellow hoody from Topshop a lot because it's baggy without looking too big, and it's just so comfy. I also fell in love with and bought a small handbag in the shape of a donut which was about 6 quid from Home Bargains (?!!!) and I can't get enough of it - it fits a fair amount of stuff in without being too big, and it's just adorable.

Other general life stuff - we booked DISNEYWORLD which is so exciting, and I've been counting down the days til Lublin, where I am now, and I went to see my lovely cousin and her gorgeous baby.  I've had good nights out with amazing people, a lovely meal at Jamie's Italian in Liverpool, and got some pretty exciting blogger mail in the post.

January has been long and tiring; it seems to have dragged on, and I was in hospital for the first time since I was a baby, and Newcastle got knocked out of the FA Cup. But I'm still alive and kicking, so that counts for something, right? Here's hoping February will be much more fun and exciting!

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