Thursday 28 December 2017

My Krakow Recommendations

I've been to Kraków 4 times now, and never really sat down and written a dedicated blog post about some really cool places to go while you're there - and it's such a popular place to visit now that I thought I'd finally share my hot spots.

The first one that deserves a mention is the Circus Family Chocolate Shop; it is, obviously, a chocolate shop and they sell all manner of chocolate shapes (cars, dicks, cats you know the score) as well as being a little cafe. If you ask for a hot chocolate, what you get is a a mug of melted chocolate - and a glass of water to wash it down - and it is pure heaven in a little cup. The chocolate is amazing anyway but when it's warm and melted and smooth it's a million times better. The people are SO lovely, too, and it's open 10am-10pm so you could go for breakfast if you wanted to. It's on the corner in the square (plac Mariacki 1, 31-042) and I would recommend it with my whole heart. If my sources are correct this place has now sadly shut down, cannot confirm as it's been 2 years since I was last in Kraków but if you know, please pop a comment below...

If you're vegan or lactose intolerant and can't revel in the joy of a tiny chocolate shop, there are plenty of vegan places to eat - I've tried a few, but my favourite has to be Nova Krova which is up past the castle, sort of near the river, and also near a really good escape room. The burgers at Nova Krova are to die for, and they have cool political and music stickers all over the toilet and they do cake too, plus the staff are friendly and the vibe is just so chill.

If you're in need of a laugh at any point, which is understandable as a lot of the 'tourist attractions' are fairly draining due to being WW2-focused, then head to the wax museum in the square. It is honestly the most weird and awful museum I've ever been to, but in the funniest way ever - it's naturally full of Polish celeb wax works as well as the odd pope, but also some cartoon characters and American politicians. It cost us around a fiver to get in and it's definitely not worth it except for the sheer laughter and joy it brought us.

For somewhere a little different in the evening, head to the kebab shop on ul. Maly Rynek 3 - but not for a kebab. At the back there's a staircase which leads to a shisha bar that's all decked out in tiles and cushions, with wall hangings and dim lighting. It's a bit more expensive than just going to a bar but the shisha is SO good and, like everywhere else in this pretty city, the staff are absolutely lovely.

Food again; if you're staying near the old square and want a takeaway pizza, SuperHeroes Pizza on Długa 18, 30-001 does some belter pizzas and the guys in there are lovely, plus they've always got rap music on and they're happy to let you sing along while you wait. And they draw things on the pizza boxes. 10/10 would recommend.

If you're into drinking, which I am, head to Buddha Bar in the square because it's absolutely gorgeous (again with the dim lighting and almost Moroccan-style decor) and the drinks are strong and cheap. I've not been to a lot of bars in Kraków as we've always tended to drink in the apartment or whatever, but that one is well worth a visit.

Maybe a bit of a weird one to suggest, but near the Floriańska Gate there's a McDonalds which has an underground section that's sooooo cool, all exposed brick and stuff - even if you just get a coffee, they've got wifi so you can upload your Instagram pics in a pretty place. Also on that street is a Tiger and a Sephora, and a little Lego shop.

All in all, this city has some amazing places - from bars and restaurants, to museums and architecture, and everything in between; it's a city that most people fall in love with when they visit and honestly, it's not difficult to see why. I for one, can't wait to go back to the place that holds the key to my heart.

If there's any other "city guide" posts you wanna see, you can probably hit up my Instagram and see where I've travelled to so just shoot me a message! P.s use my link if it's your first time booking an Airbnb and get £25 off...

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