Tuesday 26 December 2017

2017 - the round up

2017 has been a year and a half (it's been a year, obviously, but a crazy one) - there's been ups and downs and laughs and sadness and we're still here, and despite everything this world is still turning. So here's a bit of a round up of the year and how it's been for me.

There's been three #CarnLIVal events - hundreds of pounds raised for various charities, and people throughout Liverpool and the surrounding areas have been helped with food, toiletries and sanitary products because of the generosity of our bloggers and the brands we have worked with. They've all been great and I'm so proud of the hard work that went into each one, and the outcome every time.

Speaking of working with brands, this year I've partnered with some amazing ones on my blog: McDonalds, V Festival, Elizabeth Arden, Aintree Shopping Park, Urban Decay and more. I've been to gorgeous restaurants and some fantastic gigs all because of my blog, and I'm so happy I've had these opportunities - fingers crossed the next year brings even bigger and better things!

I've been able to travel the world even more than I've done in the past: Riga, Poznan, Porto, Nuremberg, Paris and Prague as well as days out to Chester and Manchester. I've made some wonderful memories, got some gorgeous pictures to look back on and seen some amazing things. Long may it continue (pretty please).

I got my masters, too! I wrote a 29,000+ word dissertation and it was jam packed with blood, sweat and tears, literally I think, and I'm still not convinced it was worth it but when it comes down to it, it was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life - yet I did it.

Other things: I filmed a video with Superdrug as part of an advertising campaign, got two new jobs (a bar job which is the most fun thing ever and an office job, which is much more serious but rewarding at the same time), made a million new friends who have been a true blessing, and had an all-round good time. Thank to everyone who's been a part of it!

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