Wednesday 6 December 2017

Last minute gift ideas

This year I've been so busy with working all the time, trying to keep up my blog & a social life as well as planning #CarnLIVal, that I've not had time to do my proper gift guide posts. But a few companies have reached out with regards to Christmas, and sent me a few little bits to share with you that could make the perfect Christmas gift...

Find Me A Gift sent me two different things to show off to you. Firstly, some huge novelty unicorn slippers which are SO SOFT and cosy and come in at £11.99, which is the perfect price for a gift for a friend or in-law, if you ask me. These are fun and definitely one for a younger crowd, although there's nothing wrong with wearing these if you're a 'proper adult'... They also sent me a beautiful personalised Liberty bracelet, which also won't break the bank at £23.99 - it has my initial on it and I love everything about it. It's so dainty and grown up and truly special.

I came home one evening to a surprise from Firebox - some Unicorn Tears gin which is sparkly and so beautifully presented that I can't think of a better gift for a gin-lover. The 5cl miniature is £8.99 so it comes in at under a tenner, meaning it's perfect for Secret Santa. Just look how pretty it is!

A truly wonderful gift comes in the form of edible selfies and candy cards - Magic Candy Factory is the brainchild of the gorgeous Melissa Snover, a truly remarkable business woman, and it's a 3D printer that makes things out of candy. I was lucky enough to meet Melissa at the Magic Candy Factory pop up in John Lewis Liverpool, alongside Holly and Jessi, and we had our blog names made and Jess got a candy selfie, and they all look amazing. They're affordable, and you can get any text you want or any face you want, as well as cute little baubles, and the candy itself (if you do want to eat it) is vegan, nut free, gluten free etc etc etc - plus it really does taste delicious.

Tropic never fail with their new releases, and recently I got my hands on their So Sleepy Pillow Mist which is £20 and their Whipped Body Velvet Intensely Rich Buttremelt (a body butter, to you and I) which retails for £28. As always, both products smell absolutely DREAMY - the pillow mist smells so luxurious and spritzing it is so relaxing, and the body butter melts into an oil but soaks in as quick as any other body butter.

Some generic bits but you can't leave 'em out, in my opinion - books (these two are in the #CarnLIVal goody bags so there's a sneak peek for ya...), candles (Home Bargains or Yankee who cares everyone loves a bloody candle) and bath bombs (or a voucher for Lush cos their Boxing Day sale is always banging).

So there you have it - thank you to the brands featured this year, and apologies for anyone who was expecting six different gift guides full of random products but two jobs/one event/a recently finished masters degree meant I just didn't have the time. Maybe next year, yeah?


  1. Candles, bath bombs, chocolate and books all sound brilliant! The Sleepy Pillow Mist sounds like exactly what I am needing right now :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  2. Hi Katy, my friend Laura is a Tropic ambassador and has an offer where if you purchase from her before the end of 2016, you receive 10% off throughout the whole of 2018 :) Thought you might be interested! I LOVE the sleep pillow mist too!

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