Sunday 10 December 2017

A day trip to Kutna Hora from Prague

I'm really dragging out this Prague trip aren't I - but it was such a fab trip. As soon as we got back from Prague I started planning this post, because this was such a good day and one I'd recommend to anyone visiting; specifically, we wanted to see a church where the interior is decorated with human bones. So, we took a day trip to Kutna Hora from Prague.

Getting to Kutna Hora from Prague

We went on the R 979 train from Prague Central Station, leaving at 10.04 and arriving in Kutna Hora at 10.55 - google had told us it would be around a 3 hour journey each way but once I'd looked into it, a 50 minute train was all it took so definitely have a look around rather than just going off what the google maps/travel page tells you! I booked our trains online the day before with and it was easy peasy. When we got off the train I navigated us to where we wanted to go, which was a 10 minute walk away: Sedlec Ossuary. It was everything I thought it would be, spooky and breathtaking and so, so cool. It's not particularly big, but almost every inch is covered in skulls and bones - stacked up behind wire, formed into words on the wall, hanging from the ceiling as a chandelier. Honestly, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

my photos are crap but u can google it !

You have to pay to get in, and the money goes on the upkeep of the church so I didn't mind - and you can get a joint ticket for that and two other churches so it's a pretty good deal. We only made it to one of the other churches, which is just around the corner: Saint Barbara's church which is HUGE and has bodies of saints in it, loads of original architecture, cool pictures and access to the literal inside of the roof. It's stunning and has plenty of information, and if you go to the top at the front and look across, it's perfectly symmetrical and generally just amazing.

What else to do when visiting Kutna Hora from Prague

Other than these two churches, we only wanted to do one thing: visit the Alchemy Museum. We were hungry, though, so we decided that before heading there we would have a look for some food. We found a pub a few minutes away from Saint Barbara's but they were closed so we walked... and walked... and walked. Houses, a garage and a supermarket but nowhere to eat, so we decided to grab some crisps from the supermarket and phone a taxi to take us to the alchemy museum.

Cue us in a minibus listening to Iron Maiden in Czech, while our driver shouts down a walkie talkie and then throws us out on a random road and drives off, telling us we were definitely at the museum. Only, we weren't at the museum at all and were in fact completely lost - thank god for google maps. We marched down the hill, round a corner, up a hill and into a hotel, asked for directions and eventually found ourselves at the information centre. I thought "great, we can ask in here" - turns out the museum is in the info centre, and honestly it was SHITE and so not worth the hassle. I didn't mention it in my Prague museums blog post, because it's not technically in Prague, but it took us all of about 4 minutes to get through the whole thing, and it's just some dummies and some kids' drawings and then you go back upstairs. Naff and a waste of time.

Opposite the information centre we spotted a row of cafes, and dived inside one that I think is just called Cafeteria (it's pink) - they all looked lovely, and this one had comfy chairs and a whole array of cakes. I settled for lemon butter cookies and homemade lemonade, and finished my book, and it was just a lovely lovely lovely place.

Coming back from a trip to Kutna Hora

We got a taxi to the station and got back on the train, heading back into Prague for the rest of our holiday; Kutna Hora is a gorgeous place, but you don't need a full day there - we had 4 hours there and honestly, we didn't even need that. But it's pretty and full of culture, and it only cost us about 8 quid each to get there and back, and it's one of those places that's truly Czech.

If you're in the Czech capital, I would highly recommend a day trip to Kutna Hora from Prague. Especially if you have plenty of time! If you've got any questions let me know :)

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