Saturday 21 October 2017

Prague Museums // the lowdown

One of the main things I do abroad is visit museums - I'm a sucker for learning and seeing cool things, so museums are a must for me. I went to a fair few when we were in Prague, and I thought I'd do a round up in case you're heading there and want to know which ones are worth it and which ones you should skip in favour of cheap cocktails or selfies on the bridge.

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The first museum we went to was the Ghosts and Legends of Prague Museum on Mostecka, pretty close to the Charles Bridge. It has an interactive ground floor section full of stories to read, buttons to press, windows to look through - you can see yourself as a ghost, make water bubble with your hand, or open doors to the past, meeting all sorts of characters along the way and learning about their stories and how they relate to the city. Then you go down to the cellar, where you can see these ghosts coming out of the walls, flying under the ceiling, or on display behind bars. The upstairs is definitely better than the downstairs, but it's all pretty good. The stories were SO interesting and it was nice to see a different side to the city.

You can get a joint ticket for the above museum combined with Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague on Jansky Vrsek, which is also in Prague1. Again this is split into two halves: the first bit has some stories about the history of alchemy in Prague, as well as some dummies and a model solar system. The real treat is upstairs - up one of the oldest wooden staircases in Prague, which is SO well worn it's difficult to walk up - to the attic, where there's a mock alchemy lab showing a variety of scenes. Up here is where William Shakespeare once visited, and apparently where he got the idea for A Midsummer Night's Dream. This bit has a few interactive parts, and feels genuinely immersive. These two museums are well worth getting a combo ticket for; we learnt loads and had so much fun wandering around!

We couldn't go to Prague and not visit the Sex Machines Museum - from the sex-o-meter chair to the shared viewing of extremely old porn, this museum has it all. It has SO much to see, ranging from really old sex toys to more recent inventions; not all of it is toys, either - there are chastity devices, mechanical puppet porn and loads more. It took us ages to see everything in the museum and it was fascinating - but it costs just over £8 to get in which is mega expensive for a museum so if you're travelling on a budget, you might want to give it a miss. I wouldn't say it's not worth it, but the price is definitely something worth noting.

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We actually visited two torture museums; firstly we went to the Museum of Medieval Torture on Krizhovnicke Namesti, which has so many stairs and is SO hot. This one has a lot of info about the different torture instruments and devices, but they're all replicas and it was just a lot to take in. We found another, the Torture Museum on Celetna - this was marginally better, with some actual torture instruments and a whole area of dummies in various torture scenes, presumably cast-offs from Madame Tussauds down the road (which you can get a joint ticket for, by the way). Both of these were honestly pretty crap and we definitely could have done something much better!


  1. The only one of these I did in Prague was the sex machines museum, but I did find it really fascinating! The screening room with old porn was so strange! Have to say I wasn't aware the others existed, but I do love a good museum.

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