Wednesday 25 October 2017

Five places I want to visit in the U.K

I love travelling - exploring new cities in foreign countries, sneaking down alleyways to find the best views and eating new food in fancy restaurants, trying to do escape rooms with a major language barrier and marvelling at architecture so far removed from what we have in England. But, speaking of  England, and the rest of the U.K, there are some places I really want to visit.

Stonehenge // cliché much? I know, but I've wanted to visit Stonehenge forever - it's just so fascinating to me, and I've watched many a conspiracy theory about it. It's a bit far away and the trains are expensive, but I'm hoping 2018 will be the year I finally take a trip down there.

The Garden of Heroes and Villains // okay so I'm 99.9999% sure I'll never get to visit this place as it's a private garden owned by a multi-millionaire, but it has all these incredible sculptures of people who have inspired this guy throughout his life. So so so cool and if I'm ever rich I want a garden like this.

Bletchley Park // I love learning about the war, and the enigma code is just another fascinating piece of a story that will never get old - Bletchley Park is a stunning building with so much history, and my aunty & uncle have been and loved it, so it's definitely a firm one on this list.

The Story Museum, Oxford // this one is definitely for kids, but I'm a sucker for stories and anything cute as well as anything interactive in a museum - and this one is all about story books such as Alice in Wonderland and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. You can walk through a wardrobe into Narnia, have tea with the Mad Hatter and so much more; even if it is aimed at little ones, I definitely want to get involved.

Tintern Abbey // I love Wales, and it has so much stunning architecture of its own - this abbey is just stunning and I can imagine it would be so much fun to explore. The photo opportunities are endless, too. Next summer I'll definitely be heading here with a picnic and a good book.

Is there anywhere in the U.K you think is a must-visit? Let me know! P.s there are more Prague posts coming, I just thought you might be sick of them...


  1. I live in Oxford City Centre and I’ve never been to The Story Museum, crazy aye?! It sounds like so much fun, and I’ve heard it mentioned by so many people that I may have to take a trip soon! You definitely need to check out Pitt Rivers Museum if you do ever find yourself in the area, it’s a must see..

    Andi |

  2. I didn't know The Story Musuem was a thing but now I have to go visit! Thanks for sharing and definitely visit Stone Henge because it's beautiful.

  3. The Story Museum sounds amazing! I have never even heard of it but I definitely need to make a trip sometime soon :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal