Saturday 16 September 2017

Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation // Review

Back at it with another foundation review - but as I own literally over 50 bottles of the stuff at last count, it makes sense to review them all. This week it's the Max Factor Lasting Performance foundation, which retails for around the £10 mark; I used to think this was a really expensive foundation when I was younger, but obviously compared to the likes of Charlotte Tilbury, Armani and MAC which I'm lucky enough to have in my collection, it's pretty affordable.

The packaging is pretty boring and unassuming, a squeezy plastic tube that's easy to store and easy to travel with; it can be hard to judge whether you're squeezing out the right amount but other than that, it's pretty decent packaging. I hadn't used this for a few years but I decided to give it another go and turns out, I bloody love it. It gives just the right amount of coverage without looking cakey, and it's not too matte nor is it too shiny, plus it lasts a decent amount of time.

I used this with a Barry M primer (post coming soon I promise) and it went on lovely, and other make up blended on top really well (a MAC powder blusher, a NYX powder contour, a Primark stick concealer etc etc etc). I've used this with and without setting spray, too, and it stayed on fairly well without it. It even lasted a bar shift, albeit not a massively busy one but it's always hot behind the bar.

All in all this foundation is a dream, especially for a tenner; as per a lot of drugstore foundations the shade range is shit, which is a real drawback of affordable make up, but if you can find a shade that suits you it's well worth a try! I've tried to show it in different lighting, too, and I just think it's boss.

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