Friday 8 September 2017

Inglot AMC Cream Foundation Review

One perk of being in a girl/girl relationship is getting to share all our make up - and we can just about get away with the same foundations, normally. So I decided to test out one of Sam's favourites, the Inglot AMC Cream Foundation which we bought in Poznan earlier this year. Inglot is well cheaper in Poland and although the staff are always really snotty, it's a shop we love going into when we're over there.

So the shade is LW 100 - light warm, apparently, and 100 seems to be about the lightest one they offer. Straight away I could tell this was the wrong shade for me; it's not necessarily too light, but it seems really grey which isn't something I've come across before. Nevertheless I persisted, and it blended in really nicely. I used about 3 pumps for my whole face and I'd say it's a medium coverage. The website states that it's matte to the touch with added illuminators - I'd say it looks matte, no illuminating properties per se, though it does transfer a bit.

In terms of blending on top of it, I used all powder products and they were absolutely fine; I had a primer underneath (the Barry M Flawless Original Primer) and finished off with my beloved Gerard Cosmetics cucumber setting spray. So how did it last? To be fair, pretty well. It looked really dry around my eyes but they just are really dry; it had broken up a bit on my forehead but most foundations do - and other than that, it looked pretty good.

So I need a better shade, and I wish it was just a teeeeeny bit more glowy but other than that, this one's a winner for me!

Have you tried any Inglot foundations?

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