Saturday 26 August 2017

Noughty Hair Care

My hair hasn't been in the best condition lately, so I'm trying anything and everything to get it back in tip top condition - and on top of that, I love a play on words so when Noughty offered to send me some hair care I was thrilled. I got my hands on the To The Rescue shampoo and conditioner*, and I've finally got around to testing it out.

The both smell nice, and they do work; I started with the shampoo (obv) and I found myself needing a fair bit to make it lather, and I do like a lather-y shampoo as weird as that sounds. Ultimately, though, my hair felt clean and soft afterwards which is what you want. Followed by the conditioner, which is really light and easy to rinse, my hair did feel lovely. But was it mind blowing? Definitely not.

Sure it's 97% natural and it smells good, but it was just a bit meh. It works, but it was pretty boring to use compared to other shampoo and conditioner duos I've tried, and it really didn't leave my hair feeling better than anything else. It claims to transform frizzy hair, and I've definitely been struggling with frizz lately - but it doesn't really do much, and my hair didn't feel any less dry.

At almost £14 for the two, it doesn't come cheap either - and I definitely can't afford to be spending this much on washing my hair when Alberto Balsam is a quid in Home Bargains, you know? But as a treat, I'd definitely try out the other ranges; they're cruelty free and vegan, as well as being SLS free (hence the lack of lathering) and free of loads of other nasties, so if any of that is important to you then it might be worth a try!

Have you tried anything from Noughty?

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  1. I have tried most of their new ranges and I have to admit that while they aren't the most WOW products out there, they don't leave my scalp feeling red raw and flakey x