Tuesday 29 August 2017

Bathroom Buddies #2

I did a post like this a while back and it proved pretty popular (read it here) and it's basically just me telling you what I'm using in the bathroom at the minute, and how I feel about them. I'm constantly getting new products, switching up what I'm using, trying things from different places and different price ranges - it makes sense to tell you what they're like! Without further ado...

For my birthday, Sam got me loads of honey/bee themed beauty products meaning I'm basically stocked up for showers til I hit my thirties. One of them was the Nivea in-shower body moisturiser in 'indulging honey' which smells incredible and is, honestly, magical. I've always been sceptical of this sort of product but honestly, it left my skin feeling SO soft with literally no fuss. I regularly forget to put body butter on after a shower or bath, and with this I genuinely don't need to. Life changing, truly.

Two products we picked up in Germany are the Balea rasiergel (shaving foam) in pink grapefruit which is a) bright pink and b) amazing - it smells good and it genuinely works, plus it was definitely less than 2 euros so next time I'm somewhere that stocks Balea, I'll be picking another one up! I think it looks so nice and summery in the bathroom, too. We also got our hands on the Garnier delicate oat hair mask which is, like all Garnier hair products I've tried, phenomenal. It smells so lovely and leaves my hair feeling absolutely dreamy.

Face wise, I'm loving Peaches & Clean by Soap&Glory - that false peach smell will never get old and it does a good job of cleaning my face. I tend to use this as a second cleanse rather than for taking make up off, but I do love it. It's pricey-ish but honestly a little goes a long way and I think it's gonna last forever. I've also been getting back into this Korean face mask called Kangsipack which comes out gold and sparkly, and seems to do an excellent job of clearing up my spots before they develop too much. Mostly though, it's gold and sparkly.

What are you using at the minute that you can't live without?

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