Sunday 18 June 2017

Paula's Choice Skin Recovery moisturiser+SPF

You all probably know I have driest skin known to man, and I'll try anything to give it a bit of moisture. This product has been in my New In drawer for months, and I've been trialling it out the past couple of weeks.

This is the Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Daily Moisturising Lotion*, which retails for £28 and you get 60ml which is a fair amount of product. I thought this was going to be sooooooo thick, but it's just an in-the-middle consistency, a white lotion with not much of a scent. So it's boring and bog-standard, but does it work?

It sinks in pretty quickly and doesn't stay tacky for too long, and it makes the skin feel nice - but it's nothing special. It's not as if my face is left feeling smooth and lush and baby-soft, and my make up genuinely doesn't look that good when I wear this underneath.

Would I recommend it? If you've got mega dry skin then no, probably not - it's genuinely just not enough for my skin, I need something a lot more moisturising. If your skin is in the normal to dry range, though, then it probably be really good for you; it's got SPF which is always a bonus, and it's not irritating or any of that shit.

What products from Paula's Choice would you recommend?

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