Wednesday 21 June 2017

5 things to do in Porto

You may know we've recently returned from Porto, a beautiful city in Portugal. It was hot and we mostly played Uno and drank beer but I've compiled a little list of things to do if you're visiting in the future.

F C Porto stadium tour // you can visit the stadium and/or the museum for various prices; we opted for just the stadium which was €8 each and lasted around an hour. You get to see the pitch, the underground parking zone for the high-up people, old buses and cups, the (away team) dressing room and the presidential box as well as all the little quirky things that make Estádio do Dragão such a cool stadium.

Livrario Lello // now, this is an interesting one - allegedly, J K Rowling based the stairs in Hogwarts on this book shop as she used to live in Porto. This is listed as a free thing to do but it's not - you have to pay €5 to get in and while this is redeemable against a book, you might not want to actually buy anything in which case you are literally spending €5 to enter a book shop. But it's absolutely stunning and has such a lovely atmosphere, and if you're a book lover (or a Potter fan) this is one I would recommend.

Escape rooms // I love a good escape room, especially in a foreign country so it was only a given that we'd end up doing some in Porto - and by some, I mean 5. The first four were amazing (Porto Exit Games and Mystery Escape Game Porto) but the last one we did left us feeling frustrated (Breakout Porto). Regardless, escape rooms are good fun and get you out of the sun/heat/crowds, and we genuinely did have a ball playing them.

Incorruptible body // yeah, we went to see a dead body - it's so cool and creepy. This woman died in 1885 and her body just hasn't decomposed. Bits are falling off and her skin is brown and she's encased in glass but it's SO WEIRD AND COOL TO SEE.

Exploring // more than anything, Porto is a gorgeous city to explore: the architecture, markets, graffiti, houses, parks - it's stunning and if it hadn't been so DAMN HOT it would have been perfect. But we had such a fab time and I'm so excited for my next adventure.

Stay tuned for more photos and blog posts about our wonderful holiday!

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  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous time! I'm pretty sure you're going to become an international escape room artist! You find those rooms everywhere you go!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland