Saturday 13 May 2017

Pho on Bold Street

I love food, and as I've grown older I love trying new foods - I used to steer clear of most foods but I'll try pretty much anything now, and I'm proud of that. So, when I got invited to Pho on Bold Street in Liverpool, a brand new Vietnamese restaurant, I was so excited to go along.

The restaurant itself is so cute - exposed brick, murals on the walls, a mixture of high and low tables. Our waitress was absolutely lovely, and sorted us out with a table that had good lighting for the multitude of photos we were taking. We started with drinks; Sam went for Sprite and I tried a lemon and basil martini. It wasn't your typical martini, though - the alcohol was clear rice spirit, and it was added to homemade lemonade and muddled basil. It was nice but I couldn't drink a lot of it!

For starters, I went for pork spring rolls which were essentially like a crunchy sausage. They came with lettuce to wrap them in and they were delicious. Sam had baby squid which honestly isn't for me, but she seemed to enjoy it and got to make her own sauce from salt, pepper, lime and chillis.

Pho is all about a Vietnamese dish, also called Pho, which is essentially broth - you can get all different kids of broth, with different things in. I went for chicken broth with chicken in, and it comes with rice noodles in too. You also get a side plate full of stuff: basil, chilli, lemon, other herbs. There's also fish sauce, garlic and chilli oil and all that good stuff on the table, too. Our waitress explained that all of this was to customise our broth - if we wanted more salt, we could add fish sauce and if we wanted it hotter, we could add the chillis. The portion size was HUGE and it was really tasty food, if a little hard to eat!

We decided to share a pudding, and settled on chocolate truffle slab with green tea ice cream - the truffle slab was lovely but the ice cream was just like eating a tea bag and I'd really rather not.

Overall we had the best time at Pho - gorgeous food, lovely staff, good prices too. Definitely check it out if you're around!


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  1. Howling at the crunchy sausage bit!! I think I'd get those if I visited!