Monday 1 May 2017

April Films // a round up

Sam and I recently got Infinity cards for our local cinema - they're less than £20 a month and we can go see as many films as we want, so it's a pretty good deal. On top of that we've watched some films at home, too, so here's my monthly run down...

Table 19 // We went to watch this on a whim, mostly because it has Anna Kendrick in, but I ended up bloody loving this. The storyline is cheesy but really quite nice: think weddings, babies and second chances. It was funny and sad in just the right amounts, and I'd definitely recommend this when it comes out on DVD etc if you're after an easy watch! 8/10

The Boss Baby // I'd been dying to see this and I wasn't disappointed - it's just SO funny, so well put together and so clever. It has jokes, surprises, heartwarming moments and more, plus the babies are proper cute. 9.5/10

Finders Keepers // So creepy - a bog standard horror film, not too scary but definitely one that made me feel a little on edge while watching it. I really liked it, though, and would recommend it if you're after a good horror film to watch. 7/10

Going in Style // I wasn't expecting to like this but bloody hell is it good. 3 old fellas who rob a bank because their pension gets stopped; it's hilarious, breathtaking, heart wrenching, heart warming. It's a rollercoaster of emotions with a cracking storyline, an incredible cast (Joey King is my hero) and a funny script. Really really really loved this one. 10/10

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children // Confusing from start to finish, I just didn't have a clue what was going on. The cinematography is beautiful, and the special effects are really well done, but I the plot absolutely lost me. Good cast, good costumes, poorly put together - meh. 4/10

Nanny McPhee // A classic, rightfully. I watched this when I was babysitting and it had me in stitches, as always. Emma Thompson is truly wonderful, and this is one that will never get old! 7/10

Case 39 // Another horror film, pretty similar to Finders Keepers in that they're both about a kid who gets possessed - again, bog standard but enjoyable as horror films go, and not too scary that I felt the need to turn the lights on! 8/10

What films have you watched this month?

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  1. Thanks Katy and Sam. Definitely going to see Going In Style