Saturday, 29 April 2017

My period heroes

When it comes to getting through my period, there are a few products and other things I rely on to make it just that little bit easier. Let me know your tips, too, because we gotta get through this together.

I've started using cloth pads recently; my favourites are from Silly Panda, and I also love the ones that Earthwise Girls do. They're such a genius idea and so much better for the planet. They're comfy to wear, allow your body to breathe AND you can get really cute designs. 10/10 would recommend.

Something I always have on hand when I'm on my period of hands sanitiser - just so my hands feel extra clean after I've been to the toilet etc, especially as I'm allergic to a lot of the hand soaps they use at restaurants, shopping centres etc.

I really love the SASS products, and their Intimate Refreshing Mist is amazing for making me feel fresh - even though I know I don't smell, this definitely puts my mind at ease. On that note, I take deodorant with me when I'm on my period as I find I actually sweat more. Lovely.

Heat pads come in really handy, too; the Wilkos ones I'm using right now are CRAP but the ones you can buy in Morrisons are fab. I don't know how they work but you stick them to the back of your jumper or t-shirt and they stay hot for hours. A life-saver if you suffer from cramps or back pain on your period and don't want to lug a hot water bottle to the shops/uni/work with you.

Another product I love to have on hand are Fab Little Bags, which I forgot to photograph (doh) - if I happen to be using disposable pads, or tampons, these are perfect for getting rid of them in an easy manner.

A good bath is key for period relaxation, and a nap helps too. It's all about finding what works for you and doing it; I find pick n mix and Pepsi, as well as ibuprofen, work a treat for me.


  1. I really want to try using cloth pads, or the special period pants you can buy! At the mo I'm using cotton pads because they're better for the environment (and your vagine!). Chocolate and time spent snuggled up in bed with a book do wonders for me

    Steph -

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