Tuesday 14 March 2017

New in & swatches // Technic

A brand I love, who are totally underrated, is Technic - their stuff is cheap but it's actually good, for the most part anyway. When a parcel of their brand new products arrived on my doorstep I was SO excited to see what was there.

I'll start off with the thing I was most excited to get my hands on - another Get Gorgeous highlighter in the shade 24CT Gold. And that's exactly what it is - the most true gold colour EVER. It would be perfect for darker skin tones, but I'm still excited to see how it fares on my pale face. Their highlighters are such good quality for the price, so this is already a winner for me.

Sticking with the face, rather than the eyes, is a colour correcting setting powder - a yellow loose powder. I already have translucent powder from Technic which is an absolute dupe of the Vichy powder, so I have high hopes for this - I have a lot of redness in my skin, so I'm really interested to see what the yellow does for me.

For brows, Technic sent over their new brow pen in medium brown, which is literally brown felt tip - from the swatches, it's VERY long lasting so if you find your brows fading over the course of the day, this could definitely be something for you.

They also sent an eye primer (pale, shimmery and again, the swatch has stuck around so I have high hopes for this one) and a mascara - the mega lash mega volumising mascara, to be precise. This has a long wand and massive brush head, which reminds me of a mascara I tried from Covergirl years ago. I'll update with you how I get on with this (and everything else in this post) - but if there's anything you're particularly interested in, let me know on Twitter and I'll do a dedicated post!

What's your favourite Technic product?

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