Sunday 5 February 2017

Staying motivated ft. Feminism in Print

Most of the time, I'm at home - I'm studying an MRes which means I only have two hours of contact time each week, and I live away from uni meaning I'm not studying in the library. I also run my full-time blog, meaning my job is home-based too on the occasions I'm not out for meetings, launches, events and shoots. So how do I stay motivated?

I don't often have lie-ins, partly because there's so much to get through and partly because I know it'd put me on the wrong track for the day. If the previous day's been a busy one out of the house and I've had to stay up til 2am scheduling tweets, I'll allow myself a lie in (or afternoon nap) but most of the time I have an early-ish alarm! I also try and make sure I get dressed, rather than keeping my pyjamas on all day - whether it's joggers and a t-shirt or leggings and a baggy jumper*, like this one from Feminism in Print, I find it easier to get motivated if I've got fresh clothes on instead of last night's Adventure Time pyjama pants.

Distraction is my downfall, so I try and combat this by listening to music, podcasts or 'top 10.....' videos rather than having actual YouTube videos (you know, the latest story time video or what's new in Superdrug) because hearing songs I've heard 74 times over is much less distracting than finding out how good the new Revlon Ultra HD Matte liquid lipsticks are. Ahem.

Snacks help - Pepsi and crisps and the occasional kiwi fruit. Writing to-do lists is incredibly handy so I don't forget to edit that week's video or check my emails, plus I like ticking stuff off. Something I really should do more is hiding my phone from myself so I don't get distracted by the group chat, but in all honesty I love knowing what they're all up to (and when they do cool things it motivates me too) and I'd probably never be able to find my phone again if I did hide it from myself!

Thanks to Feminism in Print on Etsy for this amaaaaazing jumper which is so soft and snuggly and looks cool to boot. Check them out here and leave me your motivational tips!

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