Saturday 4 February 2017

Degustabox // Jan 2017

Another year, another Degustabox post - I love getting these boxes and being introduced to new foods. Sorry this one's a little late, but you know what they say. Anyway, FOOD.

First up, the variety of crunchy snacks - Yushoi Snapea rice sticks in coconut & chilli (the plain salted ones are waaaaay better but these are good!), some Finn Crisp snacks in 'seeds & sea salt' which would make excellent after school snacks with cheese spread or humous, and some crazy hot popchips ridges which are frankly too spicy for me so have been donated to Sam's dad.

Next there's some Mothergrain express quinoa which is ready to eat, but won't be going anywhere NEAR my gob because it just freaks me out, and a protein boost drink which Sam will most likely have, as she doesn't mind milkshake sorta things and she's trying to up her protein in easy ways, which this will definitely help with!

These strawberry Fruit-tella sweets are the 30% less sugar ones, meaning they're better for you than the normal ones - also they have SO MUCH more flavour. Also, bit of a Mandela effect moment for me but I really don't remember there ever being a hyphen in the name???? Anyone else? There was a Pip's Real Hot Chocolate Co coin, which you basically stir into milk and voila you've got a hot chocolate. Sadly I hate hot chocolate but I love the idea of this! Crabbie's raspberry ginger beer isn't something I've ever tried before, and I'm excited to see what it tastes like.

There were two cans from Aspire in the box this month - cranberry flavour and mango lemonade; fizzy drinks with added vitamins? Count me in. Alongside these was the Chosan Hibiscus drink with fiery ginger which sounds exceptionally healthy but not particularly nice.

Alternative to sweetener? Check, and this is a decent size tub - good for baking, which I do a lot of. Last but not least: coffee. As much as I wish I liked coffee I just don't, but Sam loves it so this French Vanilla instant coffee from Little's won't be ignored!

If you're on a health kick, or just into healthy foods in general, January's Degustabox would definitely be a hit with you - sadly I'm not, and I'm a bit fussy, so a lot of these aren't something I'll eat but that isn't to say they'll just go in the bin! Use discount code E8EVT to get a huge £7 off your very own Degustabox.

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