Thursday 5 January 2017

Smileaway Subscription Box Review

Subscription boxes are such an 'in' thing right now, and rightly so - they're such a genius idea and you can get so many different ones. I've received quite a few to review recently, and I wanted to kick it all off with Smileaway.

The company was started by two women - one was an army wife and the other was the partner of a professional sportsman; they thought it would be a great idea to start something that meant people could spoil their other half from far or away. There are two box options - the ordinary 'black box' and the 'beyond black' box, which is more luxe and more expensive.

I got the December black box, and when it arrived all I could smell was peppermint - so Christmassy. It looked so luxurious with its big red ribbon (maybe I did forget to take a photo because I was so excited....) and what was inside was so lovely.

There were three Soap & Glory products; a little Righteous Butter, but not just any Righteous Butter... IT'S LITERALLY SPARKLY. It gives such a nice glow, I'm made up. There was also a little bottle of Hand Maid which is amazing, and one of their Sexy Mother Pucker lip glosses. I love a bit of Soap & Glory so I was thrilled to see these inside the box.

The box had some Christmas/New Year party essentials in too; a little gold heart shaped handbag clip (which to be honest, I can't see myself using but might come in handy for someone a bit more sophisticated than me), as well as some gel cushions for high heels (a lifesaver) and some hairspray from L'Oreal, in the perfect handbag size.

Last but not least - where the peppermint smell was coming from - some Altoids. These are another handbag essential, especially if you're planning a Mistletoe kiss. I think everything in the box has been really well thought out, and Smileaway have done a great job.

Would I say this is worth the £20 it would be if you bought it as a one off? For me personally, no - I don't like peppermints and I don't wear high heels or, really, use a handbag. But for my mum, yeah this probably would be worth the £20 - it's subjective, and it's not been one of my favourite subscription boxes but it's definitely not the worst on the market! It gets cheaper the more months you sign up for, and there is the option of the more special box.

Check out Smileaway here!

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