Saturday 7 January 2017

Low end VS high end colour correcting

I personally love a bit of colour correcting; I have a lot of redness and scarring, as well as discolouration under my eyes and general dullness. It's nice to be able to take an extra step while doing my make up to neutralise my face before I go in with concealer, foundation etc.

So what do I use to colour correct? A mixture of things, in all honesty - some high end bits, some cheaper alternatives.

Wet N Wild // The first colour correcting product I ever tried was this 'Coverall Correcting Palette' which contains purple, green, yellow and white. Now, the white is for highlighting and the yellow is meant to be just a normal concealer - too dark for me, and the white gets a bit lost amongst my pale skin. However, the green and the purple are ones I reach for pretty often. You have to be quite light handed, in my experience, because they're darker than other colour correcting products and not quite as easy to blend - but if you can get your hands on this, do! It's easy to travel with and just an all round handy thing to own.

Technic // This palette is, obviously, a lot bigger than the previous offering so it's one I keep for using at home - but for £2.50 it's something I can't see myself ever being without! Although I don't use all the colours, I find myself reaching for this palette so often and it's got the perfect peach under-eye tone, which the WnW one doesn't have - it's also lighter in colour, so better for pale people, and so easy to blend. 10/10 would recommend buy it now. Buy it here. Do it.

Urban Decay // Now for the high end - the Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid. I have 3 of the shades: pink, peach and green. I use these so often and again, they're handy for travelling. They blend so well and they're little, so easy to store - and I like that they come as single options so if you only need the green one to counteract your redness, you can just buy that!

What do you use to colour correct?

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