Wednesday 11 January 2017

Fire & Ice at the Belfry

If you know me and Sam, you know our lives are pretty much filled with work - whether that be uni stuff, keeping up with our blogs or planning yet another event. With that in mind, we don't get much of a chance to switch off so I decided to treat Sam to a spa day/night for her birthday. This post is a bit late, as we went nearly a month ago, but honestly I had to so much to do and other posts to fit in, that I've only just got round to writing it.

The Belfry Spa and Golf Resort is just outside of Sutton Coldfield, which in turn is just outside of Birmingham, and is where most of Birmingham City Football Club live (you're welcome). We got two trains and a taxi, so it's in the middle of nowhere a bit, but that all adds to the relaxed vibe I suppose.

Now, let me tell you, I've never been anywhere this posh. There was a doorman with a top hat and tails, and everywhere is pristine; we turned up in joggers and Ugg boots with just a rucksack containing our swimming costumes and spare knickers. To say we felt out of place is an understatement so, fair warning! We checked in and headed to our room nonetheless, which was upstairs via a lift that didn't seem to want to take us anywhere unless we pressed the button about 4 times.

Our room, though, was stunning - a big bed with a throw and cushions, a Sherlock chair in the corner, a Dyson fan on the desk. The bathroom had ESpa products (amazing) and there were two shower heads so you could decide exactly how you wanted to wash yourself. The toilet was at the perfect height, which might sound weird but it just was. We quickly changed into our swimming costumes and found the spa (a bit of a maze), and jumped into the warm pool. As well as the pool there was a hot tub and jacuzzi, and loads of comfy loungers to chill out on.

4.30 rolled around and it was time for the cherry on top - our Fire and Ice experience. It contains 12 rooms which get hotter as you go around; all do different things for you, too. We started with giving ourself a little foot spa, then there was a hot and cold shower followed by a few different steam rooms. There was a relaxation room with big comfy beds and stars on the ceiling, and a proper sauna which was SO HOT. Following that we tried one of the cold rooms where you can pour a huge bucket of cold water over your head or get an ice cold shower. Our favourite room of all was next door to this - the igloo, where you rub ice chips all over yourself. My other favourite was the hydrotherapy pool which was just so chilled out.

After we'd finished in the spa we deposited our robes and slippers then made our way upstairs for a lie down; we couldn't visit any of the restaurants because a) they were hella expensive and b) we only had joggers with us and they probably wouldn't have let us in. So we ordered a takeaway and watched some youtube before having one of the best nights sleep EVER. Breakfast the next morning was amazing, too; hot and cold food, nice orange juice, tea and coffee if you fancied.

I'd recommend the Belfry but be warned, it's expensive when you get there and they don't even have vending machines if you wake up with a 3am chocolate craving.

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