Saturday 17 December 2016

All I want for Christmas is... quirky homeware

Isn't quirky such a cute word? Anyway, I wanted to do a post about some new homeware bits I've got my hands on lately - specifically from Coconutgrass, a gorgeous little online shop. Everything is bright and lovely and funky, and the prices aren't too shabby either.

I featured these coasters in my budget gift guide and I just love them - I'm keeping them hidden for when we move out (keep your fingers crossed that it'll be in 2017, please...) but I can't wait to start using them. They're cute and the fact you can personalise them to suit you, or somebody else, is amazing. They're sturdy, good quality and just all round fabulous.

Coconutgrass also sent over two A4 prints which are the same but one's yellow and one's pink - they're the macaroon flavours kitchen print, with loads of little macaroons all over and a cute striped background. I adore these and although I think they'll look perfect in our kitchen when we move out (be prepared for that to be a common theme of my 2017 posts, sorry not sorry) I've popped them up on our bedroom wall for the time being, as they're far too nice to be stashed away unseen for a few months!

Another print that has become a firm favourite on my bedroom wall is the Be A Flamingo print which I am just in love with - it's bright, it's fun, it's cute AF.

There's a ton more stuff on the website that I'm dying to spend January's student loan on; the POP comic book cushion is so cute, not that I need any more cushions, and the pyjamas all day mug is brilliant. I don't drink hot drinks but I do live in my pyjamas, so...

What quirky homeware bits have you got your hands on lately?

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