Friday 16 December 2016

All I want for Christmas is... Primark make-up

Make up is something I luuuuuv, and I'm sure a lot of the people who read my blog do too... But it can be an expensive passion, and while you know I have a lot of Urban Decay, Charlotte Tilbury and Armani in my collection I'd be lying if I said the things I reach for on a daily basis are all high end. That brings me to today's port of call - Primark, and specifically their beauty collection. I wanted to test out a few of their products, and give you the low-down...

Foundation Stick // Okay - if you buy one thing, buy this. I would say this is pretty much the same as the MUF foundation stick, except that Primark do hardly any shades. But if you can get one to match you it's just amazing - blends out so easily, lasts all day, compatible with all sorts of other products and it even layers on top of itself well. Plus it's £2. Barg, as Lyd would say.

Brow Cream // This comes in two shades and I opted for the darker; it reminds me of the ultra aqua brow tint by make up revolution. It's literally just a cream in a tube, and you apply it with an angled brush and voila. It can be quite dark, so it's best to use a light hand, and this doesn't seem to stay as long as the MUR offering but for £1.50, why the heck not.

for reference I did one brow with JUST this and left the other one gross and natural
Lipstick // This is one of their 80p lipsticks and honestly, these are so good - I've got a few in my collection, including a really gorgeous brown-toned nude, and they're just so handy to chuck in your bag, or if you're just starting out with make-up these would be a solid recommendation from me. This particular shade is '02 Candy Pink' and it's definitely more of a Spring colour but I love it nonetheless.

Brow Fixing Gel // Again I got this in 'dark brown', and I love these kinds of product either for setting my brows when they're done (duh) or, on lazy days, I use them just to give my brows a bit of colour without having to actually go to the effort of properly filling them in. This one is a really nice tone - not too red - and it sets quickly without going crispy. For a quid, it's definitely with picking up.

Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon // These are two quid, so more than double the cost of the lipsticks, but honest to god they're so similar to the NARS ones that I'm more than happy to spend it. This one is in Claret and it's just stunning, perfect for Winter. It's also not drying or any of that rubbish, so it's one you should defo pop in your basket alongside your Christmas jarmies.

Blusher // I can't see a shade name on this but it's a dusky peachy pink - standard blush shade, and I love it. It's so pigmented but really easy to work with and blend, and it lasts pretty well on the cheeks as well. Nothing else to say if I'm being honest, except for at £1.50 it's a dream.

Concealer Stick // Primark do a ton of different concealer variations, and I picked up this stick one in the darkest shade there was - weird because I'm pale AF, but I've been using it for cream contour and honestly, it's been going pretty well. I hated cream contour until Armani showed us a trick with their eye and brow maestro. I'm hooked now, but that stuff is pricey so for 90p, this is a decent enough alternative until I make it big.

For a whole £9.70 I got all of this make up and honestly, I use it a hell of a lot - if you're just starting putting together your make up collection (or you're buying Xmas pressies for someone who is) Primark is definitely the place to look. Even if you're already a make-up hoarder, there's some right gems there.

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