Thursday 24 November 2016

Testing Korean Skincare

It's not secret that Korean skincare is raved about in the beauty community but until now, I'd literally never tried any - so when Elizavecca sent some my way, I was excited to get it out of its packaging and whack it on my face.

One of the products they sent over was the Kangsipack from their Milky Piggy range, which is gold and sparkly and smells lovely. Now, for ages, I thought this was a cleanser and I've been loving it - not for taking make up off, but for a morning cleanse or after I've used a balm a night. It's soothing and I'm so into the sparkle. However, when it came to writing this post and actually looking into what it is.... turns out it's a face mask. Being honest I've not used it as a face mask and don't intend to because I've been loving it so much as a cleanser. Soz.

The second product they sent to me was the Swallow's Nest Eye Cream which is such an odd consistency but as eye creams go, is really nice. My eyes are crazy sensitive, but this hasn't irritated them at all and I really do notice a difference when I remember to use it - my eyes are less dry, less puffy and swollen and gross. This one's a total winner for me, if you can get your hands on it!

What Korean skincare have you tried?

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