Friday 25 November 2016

Degustabox // November 2016

This month's Degustabox day felt like a long time coming but when it did, it was glorious - Christmas themed and jam packed with goodies.

The first thing I noticed was two bags of Butterkist popcorn - a little bag of cinema sweet, and a big bag of Choc Mallow flavour which to be honest, don't taste that much different to me. I love popcorn though, and I think it's a winner for parties. As are crisps, which is why I was thrilled to see some from Pipers - their wild thyme and rosemary flavour, which are frankly to die for.

There were other crisps too, from Jules Destrooper, which are called butter crisps and I think they're some sort of wafery biscuit, but they're being kept for Christmas so I'll have to let you know. Also being kept for Christmas are the two different types of cracker from Ryvita: caramelised onion thins which look AMAZING, and cracked black pepper crackers. We're big on cheese in December, so.

In terms of meal-prep kind of foods, there was only one; some pepper sauce from Christian Potier which nobody in my house eats, so will probably be donated to somewhere! Another thing that guaranteed nobody in my house will touch is the tea, albeit in fancy bags, from Ahmad - it's pear and cinnamon strudel flavour and smells awful but if you're into your flavoured tea, it's pretty cute.

The other drinks were two flavoured ciders from The Good Cider of San Sebastian which I can't wait to crack open during party season, and a glittery J2O which is quite frankly just so cool. Speaking of glitter, there's also two packets of glittery jelly mix from Hartley's, which I've made before and is honestly just spectacular. I plan on making jelly vodka shots with these ones, as it happens. There was also 3 little cartons of Gruffalo apple juice courtesy of Appy Kids Co which are perfect for little ones (and me, to be fair).

Last but not least, the chocolate-y bits; a Broderick's handmade rice crispy peanut butter bar which my dad devoured and would recommend, and some dark chocolate and sea salt cookies from Michel et Augustin which my mum was raving about for a solid 6 minutes.

So there you have it - this month's Desgustabox. Don't forget you can get a whopping £7 off your own box with the code E8EVT!

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  1. Do Degustabox ever get it wrong? Doesn't look like! Love the look of everything in this box, especially the Pipers crisp, I get them every time I go to The Fact and they're the best!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland