Monday 28 November 2016

Stocking fillers 101

Stockings are definitely one of the most fun parts of Christmas - waking up earlier than everyone else and being able to root through an oversized sock full of goodies? Yes please. I've been working with some fabulous brands to pick out some of the best stocking fillers around...

Punky Pins are a brand I remember from my teenage years, but they seem to have evolved into something cooler than they ever used to be. They still have the laser cut jewellery they had when I was younger, but now they sell gorgeous enamel and wooden pins - and better still, on a feminist theme. I LOVE THEM, and they're really good quality.

Diva Cup are a really cool brand and even though menstrual cups haven't worked out for me personally, I think educating girls about their period is really important so throwing one of these in a stocking is something you can't go wrong with - they're cheaper, more eco-friendly and healthier than the alternatives, and it comes in a cute bag.

Chocolate is a must at Christmas, and Goodio specialise in raw and organic chocolate which comes in a huge range of incredible flavours. It all tastes amazing and it's a tiny bit better for you than a bar of Dairy Milk, so why not? Plus the packaging is cute AF too.

I love anything personalised and when Beecycle sent me this adorable tiny keyring terrarium WITH MY NAME ON IT. There isn't much to say about it, really, other than it's an actual plant and it's so cute and I absolutely love it. (I'm aware you can't really see my name so you'll have to trust me - it's a bastard to photograph).

Leighton Denny are a brand I've not tried much from and when they sent me this adorable handbag perfume I was thrilled. It's SO sweet so if you're not into heavily sweet scents, maybe steer clear of this one but little things like this are perfect for stockings - Sam and I both like this one and often take it to uni with us.

Again with the sex toys am I right? Carvaka really spoilt me and my favourite thing of all was this Happy Tininess Bear Bullet Vibrator, which is literally the smallest sex toy I own and it's pink and it's a teddy bear so???? You can put this on your keys if you're the kind of person who might want a sex toy with them on the go (who wouldn't) and it's actually really powerful, and it's one I use a lot.

Find Me A Gift are one of those life-saver websites when it comes to Christmas and you can pretty much find something for everyone; something I thought would be brilliant for stockings is the Anti Bullshit Mints, which are hilarious and gimmicky and basically everything I look for in a stocking filler. Good job, gang.

Last but not least, Red Candy - how cute is this copper bunny? He's a little ring holder, and he lives on my 'messy bookcase' looking after my favourite rings. He's heavy which means he's definitely good quality, and I think he'd be the perfect addition to anyone's stocking especially with rose gold/copper being so "in" right now!

Flutter are a really cute brand Superdrug have started stocking, and they sent me their make up sponge which comes in the cutest little box. Beauty Blenders are hella expensive and this one's only £3 full price plus it's been on offer so it's the perfect cheap and cheerful stocking filler.

So there you have my take on stocking fillers - there's some decent things in this one if I do say so myself! We always get new toothbrushes in our stockings too, and a tangerine that nobody eats, and a magazine.

Items in this post were sent to me for consideration as part of this gift guide, but all words and opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more info!

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