Tuesday 29 November 2016

Budget Gift Guide 2016

It's no secret that Christmas can be tough on your finances, so I've put together a list of presents that come in at under a fiver - but they're not (in my opinion) cheap crap. Enjoy!

This Penguin Impossipuzzle is from Totally Funky - and it comes in at £4.99 but I think it's quite a decent gift, especially for people who are sort of good at jigsaws but not amazing (it's only got 100 pieces but they're basically ALL the same). Perfect for secret santa if you ask me!

I'm a lover of games at Christmas time (and all year round but Christmas seems to be the only time we really sit down and play anything) and when I was browsing Find Me A Gift, I spotted this Catchphrase-style game: Say What You See which we played a bit in Krak√≥w. Some are easy and some are surprisingly difficult, and it's just a whole lot of fun, really. Again this one's £4.99 so it's spot on, really.

Coconut Grass were total babes and sent over some goodies, my favourite being their Cocktail Recipe Coasters - these are £3 each so definitely a budget-friendly gift (although you can get a set of six for just under £12) and you can personalise them, picking a person's favourite cocktail and favourite colour to make it absolutely perfect for them.

Leafy and Lovely are a brand that Superdrug carry and I'd not heard of them until a package of PR samples arrived for these gift guides; this is a hand cream and although it's a summery scent, it smells gorgeous so I can see myself using it over Christmas too. It's decent as hand creams go and full price, it's only three quid.

Another budget offering form Totally Funky is this David and Goliath Sexy Pug Mug which I'm obsessed with; it comes in blue or pink, and it's a really big, good quality mug. I don't personally drink coffee but this is my dad's favourite shape of mug (does everyone have a favourite shape of mug or is he weird? please tell me!) and he's been loving it.

There's my pick of the best budget gifts - if you're doing Christmas shopping on a budget, let me know what you've found!

Items in this post were sent to me for consideration for this gift guide, however all words and opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more info!


  1. I'm such a games lover too; I'll definitely be checking out that game! And I also have a favourite mug shape (also I have specific mugs for different types of tea..)

    Eloise xx

  2. I totally have a favourite mug shape haha - I'm glad I'm not the only one! I love the sound of the cocktail coasters, especially as you can personalise them - I think my best friend would love one, and I might have to pick a couple up now.

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk