Tuesday 22 November 2016

Getting organised for 2017

Organisation is one thing I really do struggle with - so any products and items that can help me with my plight are gratefully received. When Filofax offered to send me an iPad case WITH A NOTEBOOK ATTACHED I was mindblown and thrilled. I use my iPad quite a bit, especially when I'm travelling or at uni, and I immediately loved the idea of having a notepad attached in case it died mid-note-taking, or if I wanted to doodle while listening to my lecturers (not that I would because they're riveting) (they might be reading this).

Anyway, it's raspberry pink and is definitely THE most grown up thing I've ever owned, and it's all soft leather and makes me feel 100% cooler than I am.

I've also got my 2017 diary, which is a Paperchase number but was actually sent to by the gang at hotels.com because I told them their 'Skip Ad' advert was the best piece of marketing I've seen all year - still true, if I'm being honest. I love this diary and it'll definitely come in handy, because it's not too big but not too small and there's plenty of room to write down all my goings-on, like the times when I have 3 meetings in one day (tomorrow) or multiple parties in one week.

What will you be using to help you stay organised in 2017?

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  1. Paperchase are literally the gods of stationery! I love their stuff and it looks like you're ready to take next year by storm!

    Love, Amie ❤
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