Wednesday 12 October 2016

Focus on: Claudia Fallah

I love writing 'focus on' posts, because there are good and bad products from every brand and I think it's important to share the things that don't work, too - and when I was sent some Claudia Fallah products, it was a real mixed bag. It's high end (for me at least) and it's marketed as sensitive skincare, so with my horrific skin I had high hopes.

claudia fallah sensitive skincare

Azulene Foam Active Gentle Face Wash, £38 // So this is pricey for a facial wash, but I really thought I'd love it - and at first I did. It smells nice and it definitely leaves my face feeling clean but that's where the love affair abruptly ends. When I use this, I wake up with my face red and eczema-y, dry and raw and sore. It's not the worst product I've tried, and it doesn't leave me with the worst skin, but it's definitely bad enough that I've stopped using it because life's too short.

Calming Herbal Lotion, £36 // This is more of a toner than a lotion, and it's in mist form - I really like this, and it genuinely calming which took me by surprise after the facial wash had been the complete opposite of calming. I don't think it has massive benefits, but it's one of those products that wakes you up and I enjoy using it.

claudia fallah sensitive skincare

Intensive Repair Crème, £58 // I like this because it's a pinky colour; it's pretty thick so I tend to use this at night, and it's soothing on the skin - I don't react to it like I do with the facial wash, so that's a bonus, and it doesn't break me out. Again I don't think it does anything major, but it definitely leaves my face feeling soft, plump and smooth and really, what more could you want in a moisturiser? It's just a little bit more than I'd pay, personally!

Have you tried anything from Claudia Fallah?

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  1. Seems like some really good products! I must look into them. Great post lovely! xxx🌸🌸🌸