Tuesday 13 September 2016

My Wall Collage

This is a bit of a random and personal post, eh? You might not care, but I've moved back home and I've started making a little collage on my wall of things that make me happy so I thought I'd talk y'all through what's on there... Let's go!

Starting on the left, the 'fake it till you make it' postcard is from Rach, (who wrote this blog post about anxiety) and it always makes me smile. My brother made this rustic travel bucket list for me - as you can see I've only ticked one place off but a girl can dream, right? Next is a photo of my aunty (she's blogs here) and I on a plane, jetting off to Rhodes I think it was. I'm at my happiest when I'm travelling. Below that is a polaroid from Cheerz of my Grandad and I on the last holiday we went on together before he passed away. It was such a lovely week, and I love that photo.

Next up is this hammerhead shark print, made by Rose Cumella and gifted to me by Sam last year. Each print is unique, and I adore this. Another polaroid, this time of me and my immediate family, at a wedding last year. Cute. The postcard with all the crazy butterflies is from the Alexander Mcqueen exhibit at the V&A - I have all the postcards but this is the one that made it to my wall, and I like it a lot. The 'we are changing everything' postcard came with the Hylamide HA Blur primer, and I just think it's pretty cool.

The white postcard with the cool illustration is one I picked up at The Clothes Show 2015, and the photo strip is from the Pandora rose gold event with Marie Claire (ft. Danielle, Danielle and Sarah). The tiny polaroid is of me on Halloween, and the note above it is from the girls at Tropic Skincare who I just adore - I've worked with them a few times and this note was so lovely that I kept it, and now it's on my wall.

Chloe Louise Rutherford is a textile designer, and she sent me a gorgeous cushion last year - it came with this and a few other postcards inside, and I'm a big fan of her work. Definitely check her out. The little 'I want to believe' pizza/UFO thing came with an Etsy purchase and was too cool to throw away, so it's on my wall. Underneath that is the flyer for the launch of Pandora's Box, my university's open mic night/poetry magazine, in which I was published this year for the first time. There's a business card under that for Kimmy Beat Box, low key the love of my life, a gorgeous girl who beat boxes (duh) in various cities and is an all round cool cat.

How cool is this support bras postcard?! My best friends bought this for me when I had tonsillitis, and it made me laugh for ages. Yet another polaroid: me and my god sister Abi on my birthday last year. She's my fave. This wall collage wouldn't be complete without a baby picture, and how cute does my brother look here?! Me too, obv. The black postcard is from my friend Jess; she sent it to me when I was stuggling a couple of years back, and it's gone from house to house with me throughout uni as a constant reminder.

I love this photo of my dad and I at a football presentation - polo shirt dresses are back in fashion now, anyway. My best friends and I were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of The Function Suite in Liverpool which is very fancy and we partied with the cast of Hollyoaks as well as taking hilarious photo booth pictures. Obv. This print is from Dot Creates* and I adore it - good quality, gorgeous colour, positive messages. Danielle's a lovely girl as well, so definitely have a gander on her site if you're looking for prints to jazz up an office space. SO MANY POSTCARDS; this one is also from Rach, and it's the cutest thing in the world. My friends mean everything to me, so for her to get me this was so so so lovely. Last but not least - who doesn't need their name in Disney font, right?

I hope you enjoyed having a peek at my favourite part of my bedroom - it's full of things and people that I love, and it'll keep growing and growing!

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