Friday 23 September 2016

LUSH v.i.p // Liverpool

Last night I was lucky enough to attend a V.I.P event at the LUSH Spa in Liverpool; I'm a massive fan of LUSH, and a massive fan of events where I get to catch up with the rest of the Liverpool bloggers (we're a boss little bunch) so I jumped at the chance, and made my way over for a Maccies beforehand.

We were given goodie bags on arrival, which were full of tiny sample pots (empty, to choose your own samples) and a SPARKLY PUMPKIN BUBBLE BAR. So much halloween goodness, so much glitter. We were also given little cards - mine said Ambition - to separate us into 4 groups for our tours of the spa. There were tiny scones, a drink that could have been Pimms but nobody's entirely sure, and we all got cracking looking at what LUSH has to offer.

It's more than bath bombs and bubble roons; LUSH do some incredible skincare too, and I've not had the chance to try much of it before as it is a little pricey. However, there were so many sample pots in my bag that I've now got a whole host of stuff to try: the Cupcake face mask is top of my list, and I can't wait to use Magical Moringa which is a moisturiser but is shortly to be rebranded as a primer, due to it's silicone-y feel when you rub it in. You know I'm a skincare junkie, so expect a Sample Stash post dedicated to LUSH as soon as I've tried it all out!

The staff at the Liverpool store are a bloody delight, and are so happy to tell you their faves/show you how stuff works/reel off their knowledge at a moment's notice. We also got to make our own Comforter bubble bar; I'll be honest, mine looks horrific but it smells amazing (obv) and it's still gonna make bubbles, so I don't really mind because we had so much fun doing it. Even if everyone did bully me about how bad mine was. Whatever.

Then came Ambition's turn for the tour of the spa, which is upstairs; I swear it's like a Tardis, there's just room after room and it's all dark and cosy - of course, it also smells incredible. We got a run down of all the treatments, and there was a live demo (I offered to be the guinea pig but nobody took me seriously). I came home and immediately told my mum I want one of the Validation Facials for Christmas; they just sound incredible and the music is lovely, the products are amazing, and they even work with a behavioural therapist for some reason that I've forgotten.

So there ya have it - V.I.Ps at LUSH for the night, and we came away with more samples than any blogger needs. I even purchased two of the new Halloween range, which I was going to Instagram last night to be way ahead of everybody else but then I got drunk instead. I never said I was a good blogger, did I?

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  1. Your so lucky to have been given a VIP tour of the Lush Liverpool Spa. I am nowhere near one but love the sound of the treatments that they do! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal