Wednesday 28 September 2016

Lovin' Lately // September

It's been a while since I did a 'current faves' post, and I've been loving a lot of things lately so here's a little run down...

This Blog Planner Notepad*, from the wonderful Dot Creates, has been a god-send when it comes to putting posts together and jotting down late night ideas when I can't be bothered turning Netflix off to use my laptop. It has spaces for all the relevant information, and a big chunk for the actual notes, and a little tick list - not a necessity for bloggers, but definitely something that comes in handy!

In terms of make up, I've been loving highlighter - duh, who hasn't lately, and Technic sent me one of their highlighter quads along with some other make-up. This is my favourite out of everything they sent; I actually use all the shades, which I didn't think I would. I use the two powder ones as typical highlighters, and they're just lovely. I sue the two cream shades as inner corner highlight, or even as an eyeshadow base. I can't find it online, but Technic are a really affordable brand and this is one you'd be daft not to pick up if you see it!

I recently did a post with My Mallbox, and I got a load of Pocket Bacs and make up but I also got food, including these INCREDIBLE cinnamon bun flavour Oreos. Oh me oh my these are just delicious; if you're in America/can get your hands on these, do ittttt!

I'm loving life, lately - I've just started volunteering at my old primary school, helping kids with their grammar/spelling, and it's so nice and so rewarding. I'm going back to uni next week (yaaaasss) and I'm so excited to get back to studying. I've been listening to State Champs, if you're interested in that, and watching all the documentaries on Netflix/YouTube. Hit me up with recommendations!


  1. Great post lovely! I love the look of that highlighting palette.

    Ella xx

  2. That blogger planner sounds extremely useful and those cinnamon bun oreos sound delicious too! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal