Wednesday 3 August 2016

Current faves #2

I really enjoyed writing my previous 'current faves' post, and while I'm still not promising they'll be making a regular appearance - we go again.

I've been trying loads of stuff lately when it comes to beauty; a notable favourite has been the 'I <3 Make Up I Tint My Brows' - ridiculous name, but an amazing product. I ordered this when Make Up Revolution had a sale on (but it's less than 2 quid full price anyway!) and I wasn't expecting much. Oh boy, it's amazing. It literally holds my brows in place like nothing else, and on lazy days I can use it on its own. Most days, then...

When it comes to "fashion", in inverted commas because I have literally no fashion sense, I've been living in my Ellesse sliders - I've had these for a few months and honestly they're the comfiest shoes I own, and I'm desperate to get some more. They're hardly ever off my feet. I've also been loving this Mount Rushmore T-shirt which my aunty brought back from 'Merica for me; I've wanted to go and see Mount Rushmore forever, so it's bittersweet that they went without me (jokes) but I adore the colour/fit/feel of this t shirt!

What else, what else? One of my favourite things is that I found out I'm graduating from university with a first - something I never ever ever thought would be possible. I still don't fully believe it, and I'm just so happy. I've started a little collage wall in my room, and it's fab. Also, I have a new phone case... with my blog header on it! My brother bought it for me, and I adore it. I'm so lucky to have such supportive family members.

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