Wednesday 13 July 2016

9 things that happen in an all-girls group chat

With whatsapp and facebook messenger, group chats are becoming a big thing; I'm in a few - one with my housemates, one with my college friends and one with a lovely bunch of bloggers. And I've discovered a few things that happen...

You know the ins and outs (literally) of everybody's sex lives // Whether you want to or not, there'll be weekly updates about how much sex everybody's been having and whether or not it was enjoyable; who it was with and where.

Leave your phone for an hour, and you'll come back to 372 unread messages // This happens when I'm in work or a lecture - I'll ignore my phone while I'm busy and then when I get round to checking it, there's been six different topic changes and there's so many messages I can't even think about catching up.

You know the emoji keyboard off by heart // You're constantly chatting, so you're constantly choosing the right emoji - meaning I'm pretty much a pro at knowing where the right emoji is.

There's one person who you forget about // I find that in every group chat, there's one person who hardly ever speaks and then whenever they do, about once a fortnight, you momentarily struggle to remember exactly who they are. No offence.

 You end up with everybody else's selfies in your camera roll // Whatsapp saves pictures automatically unless you turn off that feature, and I'm forever accidentally ignoring my messages then opening my photos to see selfies, pets and food that definitely aren't mine.

If you're in at the weekend you get a vicarious night out // I'm lazy, skint and a home-bird so I'm hardly ever out and about on a Friday or Saturday night, but everybody else is and I love hearing their stories (whether they're on a date or in the club) throughout the weekend.

You wake up to voice notes // Following on from the previous observation: voice notes. They're hilarious and often they don't make the tiniest bit of sense.

You become an agony aunt // Whether it's relationships, fashion, uni or something else - you'll become some sort of agony aunt. All this advice will crawl out of some place inside you that you didn't even know existed. And actually, it's quite nice.

What other observations do you have about good ol' group chats?

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  1. Haha this post is so true and relatable! I am part of a group chat with nearly 40 other bloggers and omg the amount of messages and topic changes! I can't keep up xxx

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