Tuesday 31 May 2016

The Balm Boutique

One of the best things about organising events is getting to discover amazing companies I otherwise wouldn't have heard of - The Balm Boutique are a prime example of this, and I'm thrilled about it. Their stuff has 100% natural ingredients, and comes beautifully packaged. Everyone at #NWmeet 2.0 got to take home a little present from these guys, and they looked gorgeous.

The Balm Boutique sent me some more goodies to try out; I opted for the Berry Body Polish and the Fabulous Feet Balm, but they surprised me by sending not only these but the Heavenly Hands Balm and two lip products (the Chocolate Mint lip gloss and the Strawberry lip tint). I've given the chocolate mint lip gloss to my housemate, because the smell just isn't for me, but the Strawberry lip tint has become a staple in my handbag.

Today I want to talk about the Berry Body Polish, and the hand & feet balms, because they're my winners. When I opened the body polish, I was amazed to see it's jam packed with SEEDS - how natural is that? Strawberry, raspberry and vanilla seeds. Amazing. It also contains shea butter, coconut oil and manuka honey so it's pretty much jam packed with skin-saving ingredients. The seeds mean it's good for exfoliating, but not in that painful kinda way that comes with some body scrubs - plus it leaves behind almost an oil residue, meaning your body is definitely nourished as well as scrubbed. I love it, and I'm hiding it in my bedroom so my mum doesn't use it now I'm home from uni...

Summer means your feet are out, and for some people this is awful - I am indifferent towards feet, but I want to make sure mine look their best because I have a pair of Ellesse sliders that I can't stop wearing. So come bed time, I whack on a generous helping of the Fabulous Feet Balm followed by a pair of socks. By the morning my feet feel soooo soft and happy; it contains all sorts of oils (olive, coconut, wheatgerm) and butters (cocoa, avacado) and it smells lush. Well I think it does; my dad hates the smell, and says he can smell it from the next room. Dramatic, much?

With the Heavenly Hands Balm, this isn't a hand cream that you can pop in your handbag - as the name suggests, it's a balm for when your hands need some serious TLC. It's the same consistency as the feet balm (vaseline, but matte - do you get me?) and it's ridiculously nice. Definitely a bed time thing, though!

Have you tried anything from The Balm Boutique? Let me know!


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