Tuesday 22 March 2016

Spring Skincare

I've already talked y'all through my nail varnish picks for Spring, and as skincare is my number one bae I thought it would be daft not to share what I have been/will be using to keep my skin in tip top condition this season.

The cleanser I've been reaching for is the Tropic Smoothing Cleanser*, which I'm testing out ahead of #NWmeet in April. It smells nice, isn't too thick, and does a great job of removing make up leaving my skin feelin' freshhhhh. The ZIAJA Aloe Toner is something I picked up in Krakow last year and I literally love it. It's so soothing but at the same time, I can see that it removes every trace of make-up/dirt/grime/whatever. ZIAJA do so many products and I can't wait to pick up some more next time I'm in Poland!

In place of a serum I've been using the Honey Bee Beautiful Ultimate Moisture Facial Oil - I'm really  enjoying using it, and I find it definitely makes my skin softer and more hydrated. It's perfect under the Ishga Anti-Oxidant Marine Cream* which, although it looks full, I've been using day and night. A little goes such a long way and my face feels all soft and plump when I've used it.

For my hands I've been slathering on the BeeBio Active Manuka Honey Hand Creme, which is just a hand cream really - not the best, not the worst, but it stays in my skincare box because it's too big to take out and about. It's nice, though. For my body, and also on extra dry face patches, I've been using the SBC Propolis Gel which is SO soothing and also really moisturising without being greasy or taking ages to sink in.

What skincare goodness have you been using lately?

Wanna see some skincare made by bees?

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