Wednesday 23 March 2016

Shea Moisture Hair // Review

I love my hair, but it's tatty - there's no denying it. I'm currently trying out a bunch of hair products to try and get it back into tip-top condition, and I was so excited to get my hands on some products from Shea Moisture. They're a really lovely company; they've been around since 1912 when Sofi Tucker was selling shea butter, soap and home-made hair care in Sierra Leone. Everything is natural and organic as well as sustainably-sourced and cruelty-free.

I was really eager to try their Jamaican Black Castor Oil range because it's to 'strengthen, grow and repair' - and god knows my hair needs repairing. Shea Moisture were kind enough to send over the Shampoo and the Leave-In Conditioner from this range, and I used them the very same day.

So how did I get on? They smell like cake batter with a hint of liquorice - I wasn't expecting them to smell as nice as they do, but it's amazing. The shampoo is very runny, but lathers up LOADS: I didn't need a lot and my hair felt so refreshed and clean afterwards. I conditioned as normal and then, as per the instructions, towel dried my hair.

It felt a bit like being in the 90s, using a leave in conditioner, but I was excited. It says use a generous amount from root to tip, then comb through to make sure it's distributed evenly. So I did, because I follow the rules. I let my hair dry naturally and it started feeling sticky, and by the time it had dried it felt/looked quite greasy on the top. I was disappointed, because I was hoping for a miracle and ended up with greasy teenage hair. I'll definitely still be using it on the ends, because it did an okay job of sorting them out a bit, but I'll be keeping it far, far away from the roots!

I'd recommend this range if your hair is damaged, or if it's suuuuper thick and frizzy. Have you tried anything from Shea Moisture?

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