Tuesday 1 March 2016

High End Make Up Wishlist

I love make up, both cheap and expensive - and other than actually buying new make up, looking at it is one of my favourite things to do. I'm lusting after some preeeettty expensive stuff right now...

Let's go in order of the face, shall we? The Tom Ford 'illuminating primer' is something I've not heard a lot about, but primers are one thing I'm always desperate to try. I have a post coming soon on my primer experience (is that a thing) and I'd love a spare £42 to drop on this one! You may know that Bobbi Brown is my favourite high end make up brand, and the intensive skin serum concealer comes highly recommended by Caroline Hirons. They don't actually do it in my shade which is weird, but I think it would be good under the eyes before foundation!

Eyeshadow, then. Sam has a lot of Nars products, and I've used a few of them - such lovely quality and the Tourjous l'amour palette has some downright gorgeous shades. At 55 quid it is expensive, but I feel like eyshadow palettes are something that last for ageeeessss. I've never ever tried anything from Sisley but I fell in love with this blusher when I saw it; not only are the colours stunning, but the floral design is so pretty too and I reckon it would just be a joy to use!

I'm all for a nude lip, and I'm loving the Urban Decay collab with Gwen Stefani; this is the shade Ex-Girlfriend (gross, don't wanna be thinking about my ex girlfriend being on my lips) but it looks absolutely gorgeous. The packaging is pretty AF too. Last but not least is Fix+ from MAC - I really like MAC, and I really like setting sprays, so I'm thinking this one might be one I actually purchase from this wishlist!

What's on your high end make up wishlist? Let me know!

Wanna see my Bobbi Brown collection?


  1. The illuminating primer sounds amaaaazing. I wish I could afford it! x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  2. Love reading wishlists like this, the NARS palette looks so pretty!

    The Modern Audrey