Wednesday 10 February 2016

#HQhearts Valentine's Day

I personally think Valentine's Day is fab - a lot of people say it's a con, made up by the consumer industry to get more dolla in their pockets, and that you don't need one day of the year to show your other half you love them. And while that's true, I still think it's nice to have a day where you make extra effort with the one you luuurve.

And on that note, the lovely girls over at HQ Hair sent Sam and I some goodies - a care package filled with amazing gifts, all hair and beauty related of course. It came at the weekend, so neither of us were actually here, and I got back first but couldn't open it until Sam got here. When she did we ripped it open straight away. Duh. *sassy girl emoji*

What stood out to me the most was the Her's and Her's Tangle Teezers - like have you ever seen anything so cute?! They're the compact stylers, meaning they're great for travel or chucking in your handbag. I'll be taking mine to Prague with me next week! They are, of course, pink - even better...

There was also some make up goodies from Lord & Berry, a brand I already really like. The translucent lip liner is, I think, a great idea as it can be used under any lipstick to stop it bleeding and what have you. The bronzer, in the shade Honey, is gorgeous too - really subtle (perfect as the pair of us are so damn pale) but such a lovely colour.

Sam's not really a lip gloss gal, so I feel like it will be me using both of these which is fine by me - they're from L'Oreal and the shades are 103 and 509. They're actually really nice and not as sticky as most lip glosses are, which is great because having hair stuck to your lips is nobody's cup of tea.

Next up - Garnier. In the box we each had the PureActive 3 in 1 - a wash, scrub and mask. Being honest, I don't know how you're supposed to use it as a wash without it being scrubby but that's just me, and I won't be using it as a wash anyway. I've tried it as a mask and I love it, because you only need to keep it for around 3 three minutes before you wash it off. It's targeted at oily skin prone to imperfections and although I'm a dry gal, I do get a lot of spots and the creams I use for my eczema do leave my skin in need of the mattifying properties of this mask! Big thumbs up from me.

Kiss The Moon products are gorgeous, I know Sam has featured them on her blog before and I can't wait to try these babies out. They're in the most precious velvet pouch and there's six oils - 3 for the face and 3 for the bath. They smell amazing and I'm soooo excited to use them.

We also got a lightening nail mask/scrub from Mavala, which seems a bit gimmicky but hey I'm willing to give it a go 'cause it promises lighter/brighter nails and and cuticles, plus the whole process only takes a couple of minutes.

Last but not least was the Oriental 'design your own fragrance' kit from the perfume studio which contains six little bottles of scent, some pipettes and at atomizer - but I think we really need to sit down and work out what we're going to mix together because, like, science...

Thanks to Sam for taking these photos while I was in uni - you're a keeper.
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