Thursday 11 February 2016

Focus on // Clarins Skincare

You may know I had a fancy Clarins facial, and I was so spoilt because they also gave me some skincare goodies to take home. I've been using them and honestly, I've fallen in love. So here's a run down…

clarins skincare

HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase // I wasn't expecting this to come out blue, but it does which was a nice surprise. I didn't find it to be as runny as a lot of serums I've tried, but this did mean that I needed quite a bit. It also wasn't massively moisturising, but if you're not a dry-skinned human then it might be good for you! I still liked it, though, and will definitely use it. 7/10

Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser // You don't need water for this, and I'd actually forgotten I had it which is why it didn't appear in my waterless cleansers post - but actually, I don't like it. Five cotton pads later and my make up wasn't even nearly off. Definitely the worst of the bunch, although it didn't leave my skin irritated/dry so there is that… It's probably decent for a morning cleanse, though! 4/10

Beauty Flash Balm // This smells like old people, which isn't particularly nice on your face. I can't say I noticed much tightening or brightening, but I guess it's probably targeted at people a little older than me. It did leave my skin really soft, though, so I'm pleased! 7/10

clarins beauty flash balm review

Instant Eye Make-Up Remover // I don't actually use eye make up remover but for the blog's sake I gave this a go - it left a slightly greasy film, but it did get rid of my mascara and eyeshadow. I just feel a bit 'meh' about it, because I always just remove eye make up with the rest of my cleanser. This one has swiftly been passed on to my mum, and she might tell me her thoughts for a review soon. 6.5/10

HydraQuench Cream // When my brother's best friend drunkenly asked me for a moisturiser recommendation, I drunkenly responded with this. I absolutely adore it; my skin is severely dry and this is pretty much the only moisturiser that does the trick, other than the stuff the doctor gives me. It is expensive, but when my little tube runs out I'll more than likely buy another one. It smells nice, sinks in quickly, is brilliant under make up, doesn't irritate my skin and it actually moisturises. Definitely my favourite Clarins product! 10/10

Moisture Replenish Lip Balm // A lip balm is a lip balm, I think, but this one is pretty lovely. It's a squeezy tube which isn't my preferred form of lip balm, but there's nothing wrong with it - it just isn't the best one I've tried! 7/10

clarins instant eye make up remover dupe review

Have you tried anything from Clarins? Let me know your thoughts and recommendations!

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  1. I've been trying out quite a bit of the Clarins skincare too, and I love the HydraQuench cream too. Their Daily Energizer cream is amazing, pretty similar to the hydraquench in terms of texture but makes the skin look glowy but not greasy :)

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent