Wednesday 13 January 2016

Waterless Cleansers - tried & tested

I am, bizarrely, allergic to water in certain parts of the country - including where I go to uni, annoyingly. So I've been trying to find an alternative, in the form of waterless cleansers. If you have any recommendations, pleased send them my way!

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser // This is the first one I tried; you need quite a lot of it, but it's SO soothing on the skin and does a good job of getting make up off. I tend to use it on a dry but soft flannel, because I'd go through about seventeen cotton pads otherwise… It's really gentle and doesn't have any sort of scent, and I'd definitely recommend it for sensitive skin!

Vis Plantis 3 in 1 herbal micellar gel // We've all tried micellar water by now, but when I saw a micellar gel in the pharmacy in Krakow I was instantly intrigued. Again you need a fair bit of it to get your make up off, and it's not as soothing as the Cetaphil is but it's pretty nice - probably better for oily skinned gals, but it's lovely all the same. Follow up with a decent moisturiser, though…

Avene Micellar Lotion* // This isn't as thick as the gel, but it's thicker than a water. It has quite a gross smell, and again you need a LOT of it to get your make up off (I went through about 5 cotton pads and I wasn't even wearing that much) but it did leave my skin feeling pretty nice.

Bonte Micellar Water // I'm running low on this which is devastating because you can only get it in Spain, as far as I know, so I'm hoping Sam's mum will bring me some home in February. It's hands down the best micellar water I've tried - it gets my make up off really quickly and doesn't leave an annoying film. Plus it smells nice. What more could you want?

AEOS Cleansing Oil* // I don't know if you're supposed to use this without water, but I do and it's a dream - it't not great at getting make up off but I love it for a morning cleanse, and it smells amazing. It does feel quite weird on the skin (what with it being an oil) but a quick swipe of toner sorts that right out and my skin is always soooo soft after I use it.

So there you have it - I've tried and tested some of the waterless cleansers on the market. Have you tried any?!

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  1. I find micellar water dries my skin out but I have tried a 3 in 1 from Eurcerin which is amazing and would recommend that one :) xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo