Tuesday 12 January 2016

January eBay Wishlist

It's that time again - I've been perusing eBay for some fashion bargains to take me through the rest of the winter months (if I had the money to buy them, that is) so here we go...

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Kicking off with this beige fluffy jacket - I might be in love. It looks so soft and cosy, and it's literally less than two quid. I don't own many light coloured jackets, either. This blue rucksack is so cute, and would be perfect for me. I'm trying to branch out into different coloured bags (I just treated myself to a mustard yellow bag from Topshop) and I love rucksacks. 

If there's a style of shoe I'll never get bored of, it's Dr Martens - I've wanted the cherry red 8 hole boots for ages, as they make a change from my well-loved black ones! These are £65, making them quite a bit cheaper than the RRP. My black pair are from eBay too, and there wasn't a problem with them so I'd definitely recommend it if you're looking for some new boots. This MK bag chain is obviously a fake Michael Kors, but I think it's cute regardless and would definitely jazz up a plainer handbag. I love this grey bobble hat and I've seen them everywhere - for a fiver it's an easy way to follow the trend!

Have you spotted anything good on eBay lately?!

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  1. Such a cute selection. The boots in particular are so you! Hope you get your hands on some of these items soon!