Monday 18 January 2016

Clarins #mybeautybar SOS Facial

Sam and I were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the new Beauty Hall and Loved & Found section of John Lewis Liverpool, which you can read about on her blog here - but all in all it was a fab night, with Prosecco and shiny new things everywhere. One of the highlights was the brand new Clarins Beauty Bar which is only the third in the country; they specialise in £25 facials, each lasting half an hour, and they'll pop some make up on you after so you're comfortable stepping back into the land of the living (and Scouse brows).

The girls at the Beauty Bar are so lovely, and they all look adorable in chinos and polo shirts (which is, incidentally, what I used to wear when I went through a very butch phase in my life, but they look a lot cuter) and the bar itself is tucked away behind the Clarins counter. It's strange because you know you're in a department store and the world is only a few feet away but really, it doesn't feel like that at all - you could be in a spa in the middle of nowhere.

It's very white, but not in a bright/harsh way, and they play lovely soft music. The chairs are ridiculously comfortable too, and they adjust so it's like being at the dentist except much less terrifying. I was treated to the SOS Facial* by the lovely Lottie, and I swear down my face has never felt so soft as it did when she was finished. 

The products Lottie used were - 
One Step Extra Comfort Cleanser
Extra Comfort Toner with Aloe Vera (this smells like parma violets!!!!)
Gentle Refiner Exfoliator
Pure & Radiant Mask with Lotus Oil
Eye Revive Beauty Flash
Pore Minimising Serum
Pure & Radiant Hydra Matt Lotion

Lottie did things like the suction technique - patting things on my face gently - and massaging my skin with hot flannel mitts. She was attentive and gentle and my skin felt soothed, fresh and just downright lovely at the end of it. I can't recommend the Beauty Bar enough, and for £25 the facials are something you could treat yourself to each month.

Have you ever had a facial? Let me know about your experience!

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  1. Sounds amazing this! Since having my treatment at the Lush spa I'm all over getting pampered!!