Tuesday 19 January 2016

Chloe Louise Rutherford

A huge package came just before Christmas and I ripped it open to find the Floral Pod Cushion* which retails for £29. It's perfect, in all honesty. The design is gorgeous and so bright, and with our flat being completely white it will be a much-needed pop of colour. The cushion is so well made, and the back is really soft and cosy feeling, making it perfect to cuddle up on. I can see this being something I have forever.

If the cushion itself wasn't lovely enough (it is) 5% of the sales of these cushions goes to the Rainforest Trust, meaning you can jazz up your house and save the world at the same time. Sam did a whole post about gifts you can buy (or just stuff to buy for yourself) that look good and do good - this really fits that bill.

Chloe has two other cushion designs, which are also bright and colourful, and also donate money to various charities; I think it's a cracking idea, and something more brands (big and small) ought to get on board with. She also sells framed prints, and I've got my eye on one - although not for this flat, because sadly we can't put things on the walls. Waaaahhh.

Let me know what you think of Chloe's designs, and hit me up with suggestions as to what we need for our first "home" together!

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