Friday 1 January 2016

Christmas Haul - Beauty

Instead of doing a big "What I got for Christmas" haul, I've decided just to show y'all the beauty related goodies I got this year, because that's what my blog is mostly about and you don't need to see 83 pairs of socks or a half eaten walnut whip.

Every year my mum makes sure I have a Soap & Glory gift set and this year I got the Soaper Star, which is crammed full of the original scented products as well as a loofah and fluffy socks. I'm obv going to smell amazing for the rest of the year, because I also got Mist You Madly, the body spritz from good ol' S&G.

My favourite smell in the entire world is the Jojoba and White Jasmine range from N Spa and I was buzzing when I saw the body scrub and body wash from the range - heaven to my nostrils I can assure you, and I've got a candle in the same scent which I can't wait to burn! N Spa do other scents, and I got the Clementine bath & shower gel (which is huge and smells amazing) and a gorgeous body oil in Patchouli and Ylang-Ylang.

Sam was amazing enough to get me the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick I've been lusting over for a solid few months - it's in 'beige' but obviously it's not beige, it's gold and white and shimmery and just bloody gorgeous. I swear I put it on and immediately fancy myself.

I also got the Shu Uemura 'art of hair' Cleansing Oil conditioner from Sam which made me squeal with joy - it's something I would never buy myself, but I've tried it before and my hair may as well have been blessed by angels.

I love the Vichy skincare and their make up is amazing too - my aunty got me their 'Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation' in the shade 05 Porcelain (dreamy) and my mum got me the translucent powder to go with it. Such an amazing combination and any make up from a skincare brand is gonna be good, right?

Champneys do some lovely stuff but I've never had anything from there myself - my aunty got us each a little tree present, with some gorgeous Champneys body butter in. It smells heavenly and sinks in so beautifully.

My mum knew I wanted some new make up, and I sent her an ELF list - it all came in a silver sequinned make up bag, and inside was the lip exfoliator (which I've wanted to try forever), the concealer palette, an amazing eyebrow pencil and the studio blush in Peachy Keen which is to die for, especially on my pale skin! NYX were top of my list, too, and mum got me one of the matte lip butters in Monte Carlo.

Is any Christmas haul complete without Lush? I've got candy mountain, cinders and butterbear - I won't lie, most of candy mountain has been used and I got a MOUNTAIN of bubbles (not sorry) plus it smells amazing. I was also thrilllllled because I got some Glazed Apple stuff from the Body Shop, so I'm all stocked up on smellies.

My brother, legend that he is, got me the Sweet Cecily's make your own lipbalm kit - so keep your eyes peeled for a post on that! Sam's brother and his girlfriend kept the bee theme in check and surprised me with a gorgeous little Burts Bees set which I can't wait to delve into. Obviously the Olaf colour changing wash mitt was a winner too...

I hope you enjoyed seeing the beauty related stuff I got this Christmas - what did you get?!
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  1. Ah so many gorgeous products! Does Christmas even happen without S&G?! That Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick is rather beautiful. Course you got to have some lush! Xx

    Jasmine ||