Thursday 31 December 2015

Looking into 2016

This time last year, I'd just been diagnosed with depression; I was stuck in a rut of being miserable, dealing with it ways I shouldn't have, and I was constantly scared of the future. Nowadays, my head is a lot clearer. I feel like maybe I know where I'm going.

In 2016 I will finished my undergraduate degree: I'll have a BA (Hons) in Creative Writing and Journalism. University has taught me a lot, like the importance of making your own writing stand out from the rest and that you can never have enough cutlery. I've been to Brussels and Berlin as part of my course, and 2016 sees us heading to Prague. So my degree will come to an end, and hopefully I'll graduate with all my friends and a decent mark.

And it will be Summer, and I'll work and write and sunbathe. I have a holiday booked with my family at Easter, and I'm hoping to go away for my 21st in July. The big 21 - it doesn't scare me like it did this time last year. I'm excited more than anything. I'll be an ""adult"" and hopefully I'll be going back to Kraków to celebrate.

This time last year I hadn't met Sam yet - I didn't know how much my life was going to change. I didn't know she'd come into my life chatting down my ear and never shutting up, but I wish I had known. I wish I'd known there would be somebody who understands, somebody to comfort me no matter what time it is. I wish I'd known she'd be more beautiful than words could say and I wish I'd known she would have good music taste. We'll be moving in together in 2016, too, in September.

September - well, October ish - we'll both be starting new adventures. Sam will be starting her undergraduate degree and, fingers crossed, I'll be embarking on a masters in Creative Writing and Publishing which seems crazy. I don't feel old enough, but I know it's something I desperately want to do; I'm not ready to leave the university I love so much in the gorgeous little city I now call home.

I want to do some crazy things in 2016 - I want to publish more poetry, do more for the bees, go on more adventures. I want to do more, and be more, and be happier than ever. I want to grow and learn and dance and laugh and love. Here's to 2016; I hope you're all by my side for the next year, catching up on my life via The Lilac Scrapbook. Thank you for reading my daft little blog: thanks for every tweet, every comment, every thumbs up. Thank you thank you thank you.


  1. aww this is so lovely to read! I hope you have an amazing new year. Wishing you all the best for 2016 x

  2. Prague is beautiful, you'll have a great time. I wish you the very best for 2016, especially with your degrees! :) xxx

  3. First off - I'm hormonal; however reading this gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes as I'm so incredibly proud of you Katy, and I'm so happy that things are looking up and going your way. You're an amazing writer and you'll do fabulously studying at MA level.
    Happy New Year, sweetheart, lots of love xxx

    Sarah | <3